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* Make your story clear by Kristen Hatton

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Get Your Story Straight is a straightforward devotional guide that invites teens to study the history of scripture and focus on the true hero of the story. Note: you are not.

* Make Your Story Clear: A Guide for Young People to Learn and Live the Kristen Hatton Gospel. New Growth Press, 2015. 288 pages.

Reading level: Age 12-15

Recommended for: 12-15 years (and older)

Today's teenagers are growing up in a narcissistic culture: selfies are a primary form of expression. Social media is essentially a collection of monologues, not an old-fashioned conversation. And nothing "counts" if we don't use Instagram (or Snapchat or new version to fill out).

However, humanity has always been like this. Long ago in Genesis, people looked at the navel instead of worshiping the Lord in the right way. The Bible is full of examples of idolatry, selfishness, and grumbling.

Get Your Story Straight aims to clarify the record and the story: God is the hero of history. Not us.

Hatton writes directly to young people and tries to train young people in Bible study methods (observing, summarizing, and asking questions), teaching them the general history of Scripture, and encouraging them about the Lord and what he has done in their lives to think. Three subdivisions include "Clarifying History", "My Life Shuffled Into History" and "History Inside Me Coexisted".

Every week follows the same 5-day format and focuses on one main scripture for the entire week. Scriptures come from both the Old and New Testaments; Genesis, the Gospels, Romans, and other letters appear most frequently, but others are also represented.

  • day one: Directly from the word (the scripture of the week (ESV) with instructions on how to interact with the text, underlining / highlighting certain ideas and words)
  • Day two: The word used (a short prayer)
  • Day three: Straight to my heart (questions that stimulate thought to encourage self-reflection, with a view to the scripture of the week)
  • Day four: Back to Word (more thought-provoking questions based on the same scriptures)
  • fifth day: Journaling and prayer (journaling request and a short prayer)

Get Your Story Straight is a book for writing and using. 52 undated weeks provide material for a year that a teenager can start at any time of the year. The 5-day-week format is also helpful so that young people can catch up on the weekend or concentrate on something else on these two days. If you're looking for solid teenage devotions, check them out.

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