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As a parent and caregiver, I was happy to find ways to create good family memories at home. When a family has to stay at home due to budget, weather, lack of transportation, or other reasons, it's good to relieve boredom and create beautiful memories. Here are some things my family did:

Family restaurant

You need volunteers for this. At least one person is the cook, another is the waiter, and the rest are guests. Everyone can dress up for this event. You can invest time in planning costumes, or be spontaneous and grab everything that's practical.

When our family first visited the family restaurant, my husband was the cook. He wore a white shower cap on his head for his costume. I was the serious waitress in a blouse, apron and skirt. I was carrying a pen and a notepad. But before we put on our costumes, we asked the kids to stay in their bedrooms and secretly think of a fake character they would like to dress up as. The idea was that everyone should try to stay in their character throughout the event.

While the children were changing, we were also secretly changed. The chef organized what he wanted to offer for his menu options. The table was nicely set like a candle restaurant. Then the waitress went to each bedroom door and one by one accompanied the special guests to the table. The waitress spoke in character like in a real restaurant and every guest spoke in the voice of his character.

After the guests were taken to their chairs, the waitress explained the menu. (If there is time, the waitress can create secret paper menus before bringing the guests out.) Then she took her orders. The chef spoke with an amusing accent that made the guests laugh. All guests tried to have conversations while remaining in character and there was a lot of giggling. Food and drink orders were served and everyone had a fun time.

Our children enjoyed this event so much that they were looking forward to taking every school break. They spent time secretly thinking about and planning their characters and costumes for the next family restaurant.

Family home church

SpeakAnother event was the Family Home Church. If we couldn't make it to our regular service, we would have the church at home as a family. Everyone chose or created a musical instrument for the worship team. It didn't matter how we sounded as long as we all participated, sang and played our instruments.

Then those who were old enough were asked to choose one Bible verse and “preach” what they thought was significant. Or someone would call out a random verse so someone else could look up and talk about it. They were brought in place so that they had to think quickly. Finally, we ask everyone to pray and wait for God and then tell them if they had a word of encouragement or an image for someone in the room.

We avoided boredom by participating. Children were able to take on the normally adult roles and make contributions. I found that next time they absolutely wanted to have a home church again.

Family talent show

A well-known event is the Family Talent Show, where everyone can present an item. It could be a puppet show behind the couch, a dance, a song, a sketch, a piece of music, jokes or whatever.

Funny chores in a bowl

For "Funny Tasks in a Bowl", anyone can put secret written tasks in a bowl (as many as you want). When everyone has finished writing, everyone can alternately pull out a random paper. Then they have to do the job. It could be "sing the ABC" or "walk like a chicken".

Shazzy fitness

Shazzy fitnessIt's great fun inserting a Shazzy Fitness DVD and inviting family members to do it with you. Make sure there is enough space to move around without stepping on each other, accidentally hitting someone, or falling over an object. I like to do Shazzy Fitness with my kids and others.

All of these activities give children the opportunity to express themselves, develop skills and build trust. At the same time, you are all having fun and spending time together. Remember friendliness and positive affirmations are important to build everyone. Our circumstances do not have to tell us how much family fun we can have. We just have to relax and get creative while making good memories.

Kathryn drinking waterKathryn Drinkwater, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger is a New Zealand writer and editor. She currently teaches her daughter at home and looks after horses and alpacas in a lifestyle block in the rural north of the North Island. She has a heart for missions and traveled to Nepal with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 2018. Kathryn likes to inform people about Shazzy Fitness.

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