Love On Location: A Christian Romance Assortment by Suzanne D. Williams

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From the wilds of Alaska to the beaches of Florida, from Hollywood to a local high school, these 5 exclusive stories make for a getaway without ever leaving home. Mix in a little intrigue and romance and get lost in daydreams.

*These stories are available in paperback under their individual titles.

Take Me Away

When Celia Boyle asked Gator Lawrence to take her on vacation, she had no idea that such a simple request would become so incredibly complicated. All she wanted was seven blissful days of beach sand, ocean waves, and tropical sun.

But now, her sister’s sudden visit, her own misspoken statement, and a threat by Gator’s dad to send him out of town, jeopardizes everything. Unless, they take things in their own hands and go anyway.

Yet sometimes life has a lesson to share that only experience can teach, and it could be what they’re both looking for has been with them all along.

Love After Snowfall

The death of Clementine Button’s husband left her to fend for herself in the wilds of Alaska, and she was doing pretty well until one cold day after the first snowfall when she shot a moose.

And a man. Or did she? Because the wound in Ezekiel Knapp’s leg seems all wrong for her gun, and now, his life hangs in the balance.

Everything that brought about her husband’s death seems to have come full circle again. Only this time, the last thing she’s going to do is wait and let another man die. Especially not one who in three days has managed to become everything she needs.


Caught up in a world of make believe, soap opera star Sloane Krieger has forgotten who she really is. What the world sees in her television character, a lying, cheating, hateful woman, is what she’s become.

When up-and-coming actor, Noah Lee, is hired as her love interest, she finds in him, after hours, something she’s forgotten she could be – herself.

But the hardest part of her life is yet to come, and the one thing she needs to fall in love just might be the one thing she can’t quite accept. Forgiveness.

Love & Roses

Ian McKinney’s wife tried to kill him, and that made up his mind for good. He’s out of the dating game. He has friends, a comfortable job, other things to fill his life.

Then Allison Hoff walks into it. She’s never recovered from the death of her spouse and is now trying to somehow move on. Maybe if she loses a few pounds, builds her self-esteem …

But when she asks him to fill in as her date to the Fourth of July police dance, what seems like a beneficial arrangement to them both proves to be very, very wrong.


The last thing Eden Riske expected when she came home was the discernment of fellow teacher Austin Lowell. Football coach, history teacher, fitness buff, Austin is strength and patience in a handsome package.

However, it seems even his presence can’t stop the rumors swirling around her or the hatred of someone determined to do her harm. But this job is supposed to be her salvation, her way out of her troubled past.

Except now, everything is falling apart, and the one thing that might destroy her is the very secret she’s held inside for so long.

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