Launched Hearts: An Epic Story of Love, Religion, and the Glory of God's Grace by Jess Lederman – Bible Type

Launched Hearts: An Epic Story of Love, Religion, and the Glory of God's Grace by Jess Lederman

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"Lederman's powerful debut connects three stories spanning almost a century and held together by a church of outcasts in Las Vegas. Inspirational fiction readers will love this moving story that confirms the power of God's mercy."
–Publisher & # 39; s Weekly

A story about the struggle, the passion and the adventure of faith, about the truth that changes lives …

The Alaska Territory, 1925: Thirteen-year-old Luke couldn't be more proud of his father, whose heroic efforts have just saved thousands of lives. But his world turns upside down when dad leaves his family for a nice reporter from New York. Luke's mother, Yura, vows to win her husband back and kill the woman who stole his heart, and she and Luke embark on an epic cross-country quest that takes them to the Nevada desert and to truths – and horrors will you had never dreamed.

Reno, Nevada, 1930: Boxer David Gold, a high school dropout who fights as a pummelin preacher, is nearing the end of his career and feels hopelessly far from God. Then one day a former call girl appears at his door who comes from a train station called Las Vegas. She is part of a rag church whose pastor was murdered. The killer is still at large, they have no cent to pay David, but they need a fighter to free the tiny Church of the Heart. Your suggestion seems insane – after all, he's not really a preacher. How can he possibly do something good for these people? But the mind is at work; It has already brought a mother and a son from Alaska to his life and now it tells him to say yes …

Las Vegas, 2011: Tim Faber, a big wig from Science Cable TV, is an arrogant narcissist who wants to prove that mankind doesn't need God while his producer Joan Reed tries to regain the faith of her youth. They've come to Vegas to meet Luke's 99-year-old grandson and David Gold, Daniel, two men who have the key to a puzzle they need to solve – and answers that will change their lives forever will.

"These separate stories of different characters together form a tapestry of faith, longing and wonder at the majesty of the universe."
– Kirkus Reviews

"Courageous and frank writing that would set fire to any heart."
–Christian blogger Miranda A. Uyeh

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