Keep wholesome and wholesome throughout Coronavirus blocking – Bible Type

Keep wholesome and wholesome throughout Coronavirus blocking

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I guess many of you are stuck at home because locks are supposed to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

The current locks are not what each of us wants, but they are what we need right now, and they will likely last much longer than we want them to. How do we stay healthy and healthy under this imposed social isolation? Here are some ideas and some reading recommendations for each idea. Habits that we are starting now can probably serve us well in any future beyond this pandemic.

With most of these ideas, you'll likely find plenty of tips if you just do a little searching on the Internet (but you understand that we're not The Englewood Review of Internet Knowledge, so of course we recommend books). Not all of these ideas will be possible or good for all readers, so take them with a grain of salt as mere ideas: some good, some bad, some linger in between.

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1) Comply with and follow the instructions of the CDC and local and national government agencies.

We don't have to like this guidance, but our lives are at stake both personally and at all levels of society, and our short and long term health and prosperity as a species depend on our ability to follow the wisdom of those who know much more about diseases like this than any of us individually.

Don't be like Rusty Reno, editor of First Things, with his philosophical handshake that questions these guidelines. (I'm not a big fan of Rod Dreher, but I really appreciate his honesty and courage to call Reno.)

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