"Jesus! The title Excessive over All" by Charles Wesley

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Jesus, the name high above everything
In hell or earth or heaven;
Angels and mortals prostrate
And fear the devil and fly.
Jesus, the name of the good sinners,
The name of the sinners is given;
It dispels all their guilty fear
It makes their hell heaven.

O that the world tastes and sees
The wealth of his grace!
The arms of love that surround me
Would hug the whole world
I will keep announcing you
Although earth and hell resist;
Courageous to confess your magnificent name
In front of a world of enemies.

I show his only righteousness
Proclaim His saving truth;
It's all my business down here
To shout: "Look, the lamb!"
Happy if with my last breath
I can only gasp for air.
Preach it to everyone and weep in death.
"See, see, the lamb!"

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