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Jesus prays for you (Romans 8:34) – your each day Bible verse

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Jesus prays for you
by Lynette Kittle

Then who is the one who condemns? Nobody. Christ Jesus who died – more than the one who was brought to life – is on the right hand of God and also stands up for us. “- Romans 8:34

When I was growing up, it was comforting to know that my grandparents and parents were praying for me. Their prayers were often taken for granted, but when they died I became more and more aware of how much their prayers meant to me.

Knowing that they intervened for me daily gave me the strength, security, trust, and support that God had in my life.

Just as their prayers encouraged me through life, I found that there is someone else who always prays for me, a resurrected Savior who intervenes for me every day.

Hebrews 7: 23-25 ​​says, “Now there were many of these priests because death prevented them from continuing their ministry. but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. Therefore, he can completely save those who come to God through him because he always lives to stand up for them. "

If, like me, you have experienced the loss of loved ones who knew you would intervene every day, or if you sometimes felt alone and think that nobody cares or prays for you, you will find that Jesus on is the right hand of God that prays for you.

In 1 Timothy 2: 5 it says: "For there is a God and an intermediary between God and humanity, the man Christ Jesus."

His ascension to heaven has not stopped serving you. He not only pays the price of your sin, but also lives before the father as your lawyer.

And why maybe you need a lawyer? Because, as described in 1 Peter 5: 8, you have an enemy, the devil, who tries to devour you.

Still, you can count on Jesus to plead your case to the Father. In 1 John 2: 1 it says: “My dear children, I am writing this to you so that you do not sin. But when someone sins, we have a lawyer with the Father – Jesus Christ, the righteous. "

Furthermore, Hebrews 9:24 describes how: “Christ did not enter a sanctuary created by human hands that was only a copy of the truth; He entered heaven itself to appear for us in God's presence. "

Jesus did not take his priestly duties lightly, but brought his love, care and service to you in the throne room of God.

Lynette Kittle is married and has four daughters. She likes to write about faith, marriage, parenthood, relationships and life. Her letter has been published by Focus on the Family, Decision, today's Christian woman,,, and others. She holds an M.A. in communications from Regent University and is an associate producer for Soul Check TV.

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