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Its wing protects you
by Max Lucado

"He will protect you with his wings. He will protect you with his feathers. "
(Psalm 91: 4)

My college friends and I could hardly escape a storm in West Texas before it hit the park where we spent a Saturday afternoon. When we left, my buddy suddenly stopped the car and pointed to a tender sight on the floor. A mother bird sat exposed to the rain and stretched her wing over her baby who had fallen out of the nest. The violent storm prevented her from returning to the tree, so she covered her child until the wind passed.

How many winds does God protect you from? His wing protects you at this moment. A slanderous critic approaching your desk is interrupted by a phone call. A burglar on the way to your house has a flat tire. A drunk driver runs out of gas before your car drives past his. God, your guardian, protects you from:

"Every trap" (Ps. 91: 3);
"The Deadly Plague" (Ps. 91: 3);
“The plague that stalks in the dark” (Ps. 91: 6);
“The horrors of the night… the dangers of the day” (Ps. 91: 5).

A translation boldly promises: "Nothing bad will happen to you" (Ps. 91:10 NCV).

"Why then?" someone breaks out. "Explain my job transfer. Or the bum who called my father. Or the death of our child. “If God is our Guardian, why do bad things happen to us?

Do you have? Did bad things really happen to you? You and God may have different definitions of the word bad.

God sees your life the way you see a movie after reading the book. When something bad happens, you can feel the air being sucked out of the theater. Everyone else gasps on the screen during the crisis. Not you. Why? You have read the book. You know how the good man comes out of a tight spot. God sees your life with the same trust. He doesn't just read your story … he wrote it. His perspective is different and his purpose is clear.

God uses struggles to harden our spiritual skin.

Think of it as a gift, friends, when tests and challenges come to you from all sides. You know that your religious life is forced under pressure and shows its true face. So don't try to get out of something prematurely. Let it do its job so that you are mature, well developed and not defective in any way. (James 1: 2–4)

Trust him. "But when I am afraid, I trust you" (Ps 56: 3). Join Isaiah, who decided: "I will trust him and not be afraid" (Is 12: 2).

God guides your steps and enjoys every detail of your life (Ps. 37: 23-24). His car actually drives to the side of the road. It is God who opens the door. And that is that you climb into the passenger seat.

Don't you feel safer now when you know he's in control?

By Come Thirsty
© (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2004) Max Lucado

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