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Is your Bible study self-centered?
By Lisa Appelo

This is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ that you sent. – John 17: 3

Who is god

How is he? What does he do and what does he like? What is its order and what does it need?

So often we come to our biblical devotions quite self-centered.

Give me an answer. Encourage me. Teach me. Help me.

When God gave us His Word all the time as a breathtaking revelation of who he is.

Yes, God will meet and teach us and encourage us, but there is something much bigger: When we open our Bibles, we worship the one who created the galaxy, who is infinitely beyond this galaxy and who nevertheless makes himself known to us.

We read our Bible to know who God is, what he does, and how we can focus our lives on him.

When Jesus pierced time to live on earth, he came to a religious people who knew about him but did not know him. The Jewish elite could keep the law like no other, but they couldn't understand a god above the law.

Her tight little boxes titled "Who God is" didn't fit neatly around Jesus.

They constantly challenged him:

How can you say that you forgive sins?

Why do you eat with sinners?

Why don't your disciples fast like our disciples?

Why do your disciples pick grain on the Sabbath?

How dare you break the Sabbath by healing it ?!

John 5 tells of Jesus who comes to the Siloam pond in Jerusalem. When he saw a man who had been lame for 38 years, Jesus asked him if he wanted to be well, and then healed him and ordered him to pick up his mat and go.

Why did Jesus heal this man? He hadn't even asked for it. Nothing is said about Jesus healing one of the other paralyzed and lame people who are at the same pond.

I believe this man's healing, as compassionate as it was, was secondary to Jesus' true work: to reveal who he is.

When I read this story, my heart is immediately drawn to what Jesus can do for me. He can heal me. He can take care of my needs. He can reach into my pain and take it away.

Yes he can.

But when I stop there, I'm stuck in the claustrophobic cosmos of my own needs.

Jesus reveals himself in this passage and we are the lame when we miss it.

This passage explodes explaining who Jesus is.

Jesus revealed His authority as the Son of God. Trinity Second Person. Almighty. Dignified. Everything sacred. So far outside the limits of the law and yet the only true justice that could meet the righteous requirements of the law.

And suddenly God's magnification realigns the trajectory of my heart and mind for who he is. I can worship and worship and enjoy and be amazed. I can turn back and grieve and realign myself so that my life is about his.

And my need? My fear? My worry? Only when I know who God is can I rest in Him with all my needs, fears and worries.

No more 15 minutes of reading the Bible to see what you have for me.
Don't come to see me anymore.
Never read your word again to confirm me.

No more selfish Bible study.

Editor's Note: Part of this prayer comes from Lisa Appelo's Is Your Bible Study Self-Centered. You can read the full blog post here.

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