Is there a greater life to find?

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The world often appears to be a dark, broken, and insecure place. We often hear of new tragedies and conflicts that threaten to upset us. In his engaging book Discover the good life: The surprising wealth in ChristPastor Tim Savage reminds us that Jesus has entered a world that is as dark, broken, and insecure as our own.

However, our perspective does not have to be burdened by the negative forces that surround us. Tim Savage examines the fullest life that has ever been lived – the life of Jesus Christ – and invites us to use the joy, satisfaction and purpose that we are offered in Christ.

Use three trees mentioned in the Bible as a guide, Discover the good life depicts our path from the first death (the tree of knowledge of good and evil) through the death and resurrection of Jesus (a shot from the stump of Jesse) to a new and eternal life in Christ (the tree of life).

Discover the good life will deepen your faith and relationship with Christ. It will also encourage a friend who asks questions about faith. Alistair Begg describes it as a book that "teaches, refreshes and, yes, surprises!"

Request your copy and leave Discover the good life Lead yourself to a deeper and better life that is shaped by the riches that God has made available to us in Christ.

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