Inform me one thing good – Meals Religion Health

Inform me one thing good – Meals Religion Health

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"Tell me something good"

Name the song!

Seriously though, I actually want you to tell me something good because you and I both know that we need a little bit of it in our lives right now.

You know that I am EVERYTHING about the power of determination and gratitude. In fact, Mr. FFF and I recently started a “Gratitude Journal”.

Our pastor preached gratitude and said it was the "gateway to peace" and we both said, "That's so true!" We were now a little dissatisfied with all the craziness in the world and realized that we had none Had practiced gratitude.

So we have a diary on our table that reminds us to write things we are thankful for when we start our day. It was a GAME CHANGER. We wanted to focus more than just “good” on our appreciation for things that are really AWESOME!

Here are some good and great things we are thankful for and want to focus on:

  • We bought our home forever
  • Our three-month trip to Europe in a few weeks will not look as we planned, but it could be more of an adventure!
  • Mr. FFF passes his board exams
  • Mr. FFF has finished school so that we can live together again
  • Our dog. Because it is so damn it cute.
  • Mr. FFF has been part of the Christian health exchange for the past 3 years as he was a student with no benefits.

Do you know a lot about Christian Healthcare sharing? Well, I'll tell you more in a moment because we loved being part of it.

Membership in a Ministry of Health Not only does this allow you and your family to keep control of your healthcare, it also gives you security when you invest your money in a community where you can trust it will be used for other members!

And if necessary, these programs help you with YOUR medical So cost is a big deal.

However, this is not even the biggest advantage.

The biggest advantage is the way the monthly division amounts are calculated. Depending on some things like your chosen plan and family size, the monthly payments for Healthcare sharing plans can be significantly cheaper than conventional health insurance.

Maybe half the cost or less!

I work with UHSM Health shareThis is a belief-based organization based on Christian beliefs and values!

Not only are they faith-based, which I LOVE, but they are also a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that has recently been expanded to spread its mission of holistic health and well-being Membership registration in 43 states – with member usage in all 50 states!

UHSM Health share also offers a modernized approach to health sharing that makes sharing medicine from member to member easier and promotes holistic health and wellbeing.

UHSM Christian health care offers simple, fair and friendly health programs to qualified individuals and families!

So yes. You can save money and stress and feel strengthened with your electricity Healthcare and you can connect with like-minded people.

Well, that's a very good thingin fact it's great!

#TellMeSomethingAwesome in the comments and then CLICK HERE to learn more about UHSM. You will not regret it!


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