How will we preserve God's commandments when obedience is not possible?

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Do you ever feel that it is impossible to obey God's commandments? Do you find that your attempts at obedience quickly move from determination to disappointment, to giving up and asking what is at stake? Many Christians do it.

in the Impossible commandsJonty Allcock reminds us that freedom is to recognize our inability to obey God's commandments. In this way we can move from personal effort to addiction to God's power to fuel our obedience.

In eleven easy-to-read chapters, Allcock fills the biblical vision of a life in which obeying God is the source of deeper and more satisfying joy than a burden. He helps us to see God's commandments not only as rules, but as part of the good life he has for us.

If you have difficulty finding obedience, you will find your faith renewed and deepened in this profound yet accessible book. Request your copy today.

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