How did totally different races come about as God's splendidly created picture?

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"Race" is defined as "a family, tribe, people or nation belonging to the same tribe" or "a class or type of people who are united by common interests, habits or characteristics" or "a category of people that share certain distinguishing characteristics "physical characteristics."

We often think that race has to do with the color of the skin, but this idea is “not rooted in writing, but in a sociological construct”. Trillia Newbell argues that God did not separate people by the color of their skin: we made this distinction.

Diversity exists and it is in the Lord's glorious plan. Where did race diversity begin and how does it show God's glory?

Get out of the ark

The people of God spread across the Middle East, and each person had one thing in common: sin was so ugly that God decided to wipe it off the face of the earth. He would start again with Noah and his sons Sem, Ham and Japheth.

After the floods returned, these men fathered the ancestors of the new nations, as described in Genesis 10. "Ham's descendants are the Kushites who are geographically linked to Africa." This includes the people in Egypt and Canaan from whom the Philistines came. Japheth went north and east to Europe and Asia Minor.

The third brother stayed closer to home. "Shem is not called the father of one of his immediate sons, but the descendant of (Eber)", his grandson, "because the Hebrews came from him, under whom the Church of God and the true religion were preserved." and who the Messiah should come from. "Shem's descendants populated the area now known as Arabia.

From Babylon to the world

Scripture's account of the Tower of Babel quickly follows the account of the post-flood distraction. In Genesis 11: 2 we read that "people have migrated from the east" and "have found a plain in the land of Shinar", which is located north of the Persian Gulf in "Babylon". Nimrod and his people decided to settle down and build a tower.

God saw that they did not spread his great name all over the world, but instead tried to reach heaven on their own. God's answer was to disperse them. “From there, the Lord spread them all over the world,” in verse 8, from where more clans, nations, and languages ​​developed. "The separations that followed created the circumstances that took into account the physical variations of the human family."

Race or ethnicity?

The words "race" and "ethnicity" were merged in the 18th century. The importance of the race changed in 1774 from "tribe, nation, or people considered to be common stock" to "ethnic tribe, one of the great divisions of mankind that share certain physical characteristics".

Nowadays, "race is understood by most people as a mixture of physical, behavioral and cultural attributes". "Ethnicity" is more specific, "Recognizing differences between people mainly due to language and common culture".

God spread the descendants of Noah's sons and divided families that founded new cities and eventually entire nations. This division was not based on pre-existing ethnic or racial differences that he had created, although the adaptability in everyone was according to God's plan.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He did everything right in his time. He has also put eternity in her heart so that man cannot find out what God has done from start to finish. "

By faith we accept the mysteries of God (Job 11: 7-9, ESV). Every nation had the same ancestors, but changes in climate, available food sources, and geography made them physically adapt. The Lord created the circumstances for the dispersion, but did not create different races. “In Genesis 1 and 2, the first person is simply identified as ādām, which means 'humanity'. Adam and Eve are not Hebrews or Egyptians or Canaanites. Your "race" or "ethnicity" is not identified.

All people were still genetic, racial, similar and the same. God mixed their languages ​​so that those who shared a common language united to deepen their ties through art, commerce, religion, etc. They created new nations and subsequent generations shared physical similarities. Finally, "the makeup of ancient Israel reflected the multi-ethnic makeup of the biblical world."

No scale of humanity

God's plan for unity has always been vivid and exciting: we see in Revelation the "quadruple formula of tribe, language, people and nation that emphasizes the ethnic diversity of the people of God who will worship the throne". "All the nations you made

will come and worship before you, Lord ”(Psalm 86: 9).

The curse on Ham in Genesis 9:25 was no indication that the nations would break off in groups of higher or lower human forms. There is no "evolutionary ascent". According to Wayne Jackson, "the Bible does not classify people according to the" racist "principles that are common in modern thinking."

There is no value in God's eyes that is related to skin color. In 1 Samuel 16: 7 it says: “The Lord does not see as man sees. Man looks at the outer appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. "

This heart is the “I AM” that every person has given from the Lord himself: life, breath, existence, value. All people around the world share the same original “parents,” the same God (whether they honor him or not), and our roots are equally stained with sin, but equally beautiful. We were created individually and lovingly by God personally and all believers are also one body in Christ.

Genetic variation is a gift from God

"From a biological perspective" we were created by our creator with "the potential for ethnic expansion" thanks to the wonderful "mechanism for variation (…) packaged in the human genetic reservoir".

Certain traits persist in groups that are less married to each other, creating "more static traits" than "in an incredibly rich genetic pool." This is not a statement of value, but a genetic fact. When a gene is passed on from both parents to their offspring, this child inherits the physical characteristics or characteristics shown such as skin color, temperament, size, predisposition to a disease or condition, etc. This trait can help the individual face climate or altitude challenges coping, but not a racial inferiority or superiority.

Overall: "The more we study the different ethnic groups of humans, the more similar they become." In fact, each ethnic group "is too similar in its structural and functional characteristics to come from different apelic forms."

"The devil did not create the different races," writes one commentator, "God created them and gave them their unique identities." He built his creative masterpiece with all the ingredients to adapt to different extreme temperatures; for life in the high mountains and in desserts; to withstand extreme cold and mainly digest vegetables or mainly fish.

It is for this reason that there is such a fascinating and glorious diversity from country to country and to some extent within communities where interracial marriages have taken place. Abraham "was from Mesopotamia" and was probably "ethnically (…) an Aramaic / Amorite". He moved with his family to Canaan "where two of his descendants (Judah and Simeon) married Canaanites". Another descendant, Joseph, "married an Egyptian".

Racial equality does not come from people, but from God

"Equality is not a man-made, modern theory of social justice." It is built into our DNA by the Father of All Nations, Almighty God. "God has given each of us control over the works of his hands equally." Whenever the issue of race arises, the issue of racism follows closely behind. Atheists and followers of other religions sometimes say that the Christian God promotes racism, but that is not true.

Many Christians have justified racism based on misused, distorted scriptures that have been taken out of context, such as Genesis 9:25. In search of power and superiority, "the curse was misapplied to all Ham's descendants, not just Canaan, in a historical and political context."

“The point of Genesis 10 is that humanity is meant as a unity and the diversity of peoples (…) is understood as the fulfillment of God's command to Noah and his sons to be fruitful and to multiply and to fill the earth . "" God created man in his image "(Genesis 1:27). "There are no Jews or Greeks, there are no slaves or free people, there are no men and women because you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28). No Christ follower has an excuse for racial hatred, violence, or discrimination of any kind.

Our race line goes back to Christ, who is one with God, and in him we are also one with God and with each other. He has always bought men and women from all ethnic groups in the world; Therefore, we conclude that "God intends to have a people (…) from all ethnic groups. All colors and all shapes. (…) God designed, aimed and wanted to have a people who are very diverse. "

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