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Hope is a harmful place for Jim Baton

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The same yesterday, today and forever

Hope is a Dangerous Place by Jim Baton is an exciting Christian tension. It is the first book in the Hope Trilogy series that promises to be exciting.

The heart of God is the focus of the novel. The reader sees how God mourns when His church loses its original purpose. We learn that we don't need a building to be a pastor. We can share God anytime, anywhere, with anyone. We are not called to do so go we are called to church Be the church.

It is said that the most separated hour in America is on a Sunday morning as there are black and white churches. The former is considered full of life in the novel. The latter are in complete contrast. In contrast, the neighborhoods are also. The black neighborhood is in poverty, while the white neighborhood is rich. The novel reminds us that we should not keep earthly treasures that will decay, but heavenly treasures that will last forever.

There is a crime that is decades old to solve. It seems someone wants the truth to be hidden, but who?

The God of the Bible spoke through dreams. History shows that he still uses dreams to speak today.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He healed in the past. It heals in the present and will heal in the future.

Life is a spiritual struggle. We have to arm ourselves with the Word of God and with prayer.

Names matter. A change of name means a change in circumstances. The city changed its name from purgatory to hope. Hope speaks new life and not despair.

I enjoyed Hope Is A Dangerous Place. It was an exciting read.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.

A word of caution: While this is a very Christian book in terms of content, part of the language is not what I would expect in a Christian novel. I understand that this is to make the novel more realistic, but some readers may not like it.


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