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The short but complex life of a honeybee literally unfolds on these beautifully illustrated pages.

* *Honeybee: the busy life of Apius Mellifera by Candis Fleming. Illustrated by Eric Rohman. Holiday house, 2020, 36 pages.

Reading level: Picture book, 4-8 years

Recommended for: from age 6

Honeybee is the fascinating unfolding of the life of a worker, from her first appearance in the hatchery to her death 35 days later. Although it has wings from the start, its first task is to clean the cell from which it comes so that the queen can lay another egg there. Next, the lower worker (all female) begins a series of jobs: care for the queen, build the comb, store nectar, and guard the beehive. Only about a fifth of her life is devoted to collecting food outside the beehive as she flies from flower to flower. Each state of life is wonderfully illustrated by double pages, including a double page leaflet: the bee sits first on the edge of the beehive and then starts as the pages unfold into the sunlit fields.

The back pages contain a detailed diagram of the worker bee and further information about the type of pollination. It is enough to make me an apologist.

Overall rating: 4.5 (of 5)

  • Weltanschauung / moral value: 4
  • Artistic / literary value: 5

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