Have you ever reached maturity and requested your self: "Is that each one?"

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Sooner or later we will all realize that adulthood is not all that matters. It turns out to be more difficult – and sometimes more ordinary – than we thought. While we are all familiar with midlife crises, people in their twenties and thirties are increasingly experiencing what is called a quarterly crisis. What once seemed like the routine transition from adolescence to adulthood has changed and has been disrupted by new social and economic realities.

As a result, many young adults feel that all expectations of "growing up" are unattainable. Traditional assumptions of adult life have exploded on their faces: they are unmarried, unhappy at work, childless, or just bored.

For some, this sounds like a simple lack of maturity. But for many in their twenties and thirties (and some much older), the conventional vision of maturity, which is characterized by financial security, family life, and home ownership, has not been realized. What does mature adulthood look like if it is not framed by earthly expectations?

The Bible has a broader vision for maturity. Is that all? helps young adults and people of all ages exchange a feeling of inadequacy for a deeper, more biblical understanding of Christian maturity. In this profitable book, the young author Rachel Jones formulates growing up to become more like Christ. It describes a courageous, compassionate, convincing maturity that far exceeds the traditional expectations of adulthood.

Address issues such as decision making, nostalgia, work, loneliness, marriage, aging, meaning and doubt, Is that all? provides helpful considerations for finding happiness by looking at Christ.

Is that all? offers a wonderful biblical correction of the cultural definition of maturity that overemphasizes material success or social standing. The book points us to the Word of God and reminds us that the goal of Christian life is to be “mature and complete and not to miss anything” (James 1: 4, NIV).

Request your copy of Is that all? For yourself or a young adult, you know when to donate to Truth For Life today.

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