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This Greek yogurt frosting is so thick and creamy that you'll never know it's high in protein, gluten-free, and better for you! Great for so many things and easy!

Greek yogurt frosting

PEN Greek yogurt frosting

Yes, you read that correctly.

Greek yogurt processed into FROSTING.

I'm sure you already knew you could use Greek yogurt for breakfast over night, in addition to your usual funfetti protein. You may have been adventurous and tried it as a homemade Greek spinach yogurt dip (ooooh, you fancy!), But did you ever imagine you could use it to make icing that is actually BETTER than the version without?

It is true and you will believe me as soon as you try it.

Greek yogurt frosting ingredients

When I think of cupcakes and cakes, my mind easily goes straight to the frosting. If you have the right icing, your cake will be so much more flexible! Greek yogurt is so thick, so rich, so creamy and you will be such a fan of this frosting! To do it you need:

  • Light cream cheese at room temperature
  • Vanilla Greek yogurt (or plain)
  • Vanilla extract
  • powdered sugar

Greek yogurt frosting

How to Make Greek Yogurt Frosting

Yes, the taste of this delicious one will blow your mind Yogurt icing, But I think you will be just as impressed with how easy it is to do it! It's extremely simple and made in just 2 quick steps! Throwing some simple ingredients and the result together? Creamy, heavenly, smooth frosting. Pure bliss! Here's how to put it together:


Whisk the cream cheese and yoghurt in a large bowl at high speed with an electric hand mixer. Add the vanilla extract and keep beating until everything is well mixed.


Reduce the speed of the blender to low and gradually add the powdered sugar until you have added everything and it is combined. Turn the speed back up and beat the icing for 2-3 minutes or until it is fluffy.


Yes, it's that simple! Now enjoy it however you want!

How to keep frosting

If you've whipped a lot of it Greek yogurt cream cheese frosting To freeze a cake and have something left over, don't throw it away! This frosting lasts for about a week, so keep it and treat yourself another time! Simply put your leftover glaze in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator for up to a week so you can pull and use it whenever your heart desires!

Greek yogurt glaze

Simple Vs Vanilla Greek Yogurt

One of the BEST things about preparing delicious food in the kitchen is that you can be creative and mix it! If you don't have Greek vanilla yogurt or just prefer a different taste, give it a try! You could use coconut flavor or plain Greek yogurt instead, but if you do, you may have to mess around and add some extra sugar!

Ideas for using yogurt frosting

So you made a tub with frosting and now you want to spread it over everything !! Good news – you can (and should) COMPLETELY! There are literally ENDLESS ways to get creative on how to serve this frosting for a family reunion, wedding / baby shower, or party with friends. Here are some ways I can serve this delicious icing:

I also shared the Greek yogurt frosting recipe on Food Fanatic, so be sure to check it out!

Greek yogurt frosting

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For this recipe I recommend:

Per 1/4 cup

Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Frosting

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