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Zoom meetings: best practices for implementation, moderation and alignment

Hosting a video conference is very similar to hosting a personal meeting! Sarah Stonesifer and Chris Decatur will discuss best practices and introductions to create good community opportunities for zoom video meetings. Online meetings can feel isolating and distant. How can we set up and host inviting meetings? Chris and Sarah host a webinar on things to plan and consider when building your communities for connections and community.

Register here to register for the Zoom webinar. Even if you cannot be there live, you will then have access to the recorded webinar and information about all the resources discussed.

Our moderators

Christopher Decatur is a senior seminarian at Virginia Theological Seminary and a candidate for sacred commands in the Ohio diocese. He currently works at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC. Prior to the seminar, Chris served as Deputy Minister for Children, Adolescents, Young Adults and Campus at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, OH. Chris is currently a member of the Liturgical and Prayer Book Revision Task Force for the Episcopal Church. At Virginia Theological Seminary, Chris is also a catechist for the Baptized for Life discipleship, a graduate of the Preaching Excellence Program, author of several Christian education magazines, and president of the Seminarians of Color Union. Chris holds a bachelor's degree in Comparative Religion from Cleveland State University and years of study and practice of early childhood education both at the CSU and as a student at the Catholic University of America.

Sarah Stonesifer works in the field of lifelong learning at Virginia Theological Seminary as Manager of Operations and Digital Missioner. It focuses on digital teaching, coaching, resources and training for well thought-out, innovative Christian education for all ages. She spends her time dealing with social media, educational technology and digital communication and creating digitally savvy executives. The years as a school librarian gave Sarah experience in educational technology, lesson planning and cooperation opportunities. She continues her passion for system management and organizational change and is doing her PhD in leadership and learning in organizations at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University. She is also an elected member of the Episcopal Church Executive Council. When she's not working, Sarah is related to her Terrier Chihuahua Lucas and her husband Brooks.

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