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July 2, 2020
Go ahead and feel these feelings
Gwen Smith

Today's truth
Because I am poor and needy and my heart is wounded in me. (Psalm 109: 22)

Friend to friend
Some dog owners teach their puppies to command someone "Sic & # 39; em!" Attack, pursue or hunt. This short, sharp request gives dogs permission to aggressively pounce on an enemy or target.

I felt this kind of request from David to God when I read Psalm 109.

My god i praise
don't be silent
2 for people who are evil and fraudulent
have opened their mouths against me;
they spoke against me with lying tongues.
3 They surround me with words of hatred;
You attack me for no reason.
4 In return for my friendship, they accuse me of
but i am a man of prayer.
5 You pay me back evil for good,
and hate my friendship.
(Psalm 109: 1-5)

David was betrayed by people in his community and was angry with the surrounding "evil and fraudulent men". (V2) Honestly, the details of what went down are worse than the lyrics of a country song. He was "addressed with lying tongues" (V2) and "attacked for no reason" with "words of hate". (v3) Frenemies threw accusations and paid back the good with the bad and the hate. (v4-5)

The treachery was violent and deeply personal. Is it always right?

In response, David prayed with a hardness that made me shake uncomfortably.

Appoint someone who is evil to resist my enemy.
leave an accuser on his right.
7 If brought to justice, he should be found guilty.
and may his prayers condemn him.
8 May his days be few;
May someone else take his place at the top.

(Psalm 109: 6-8)

And that is just the beginning of his moving prayer! The pain and strain made him physically ill and depressed.

But you, sovereign sir,
help me for your name's sake;
Save me from the goodness of your love.
22 For I am poor and needy
and my heart is wounded in me
23 I fade like an evening shadow;
I am shaken off like a grasshopper.
24 My knees give way to fasting;
My body is thin and thin.
25 I am an object of contempt for my accusers;
When they see me, they shake their heads.

(Psalm 109: 21-25)

He was wrung outright. Emotionally destroyed. Overwhelmed and angry.

Um … yes! I understand that!

I can imagine that we all do it.

In essence, David cried with all his heart: "Sic & # 39; em, God!"

Help me, Lord, my God.
save me after your infallible love
27 Let them know it's your hand
that you, Lord, did it.
28 While they are cursing, may you bless;
May those who attack me be put to shame.
but may your servant be happy.
29 May my accusers be disgraced
and wrapped in shame like a cloak.

30 With my mouth I will praise the Lord very much;
I will praise him in the great number of worshipers.
31 For he stands on the right of the needy,
to save their lives from those who would condemn them.

(Psalm 109: 26-31)

I read his prayer and realize that it is okay to rise up against evil.

It is okay to hate evil and injustice.

I also see that the place where I can raise my anger is in prayer. David hates it with God. I should too.

I was on the receiving end of treason and false, unfair accusations. I get nasty emails occasionally. I have lost sleep, I have been racking my brains to understand, and I have called for God to be my defender.

Psalm 109 reminds me that speaking of malice and feeling my feelings honestly is fine as long as I do so in close dialogue with my omnipresent Lord who is sovereign, good, and loving (verse 21).

Let's pray
Sovereign Lord, even if we act horribly, act with justice, love, justice, mercy, and compassion. I bring you the burdens of my heart today, Jesus. You know my pain and stress. You know the people who make my blood boil and who wronged me. Fight with them, sir. Move as you can as my defender and liberator in your honor. Heal and help my heart to walk in your strength, dignity and joy today.

In Jesus name


Now it is your turn
Read Psalm 109. Does this chapter bring something to the surface of your heart that needs to be discussed with the Lord? If so, spend some time in prayer or write a prayer response on the wall of my blog.

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