Glad Valley by Lin Stepp

Glad Valley by Lin Stepp

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A warm welcome to everyone

Happy Valley by Lin Stepp is a wonderful one
contemporary Christian novel. It's part of the Mountain Home series, but it can be
read as independent.

I always adore Lin Stepp's novels when they are packaged
around me like a cozy blanket on a cold day. The characters are nice and
Caring, healthy with big hearts that are community-oriented.

The reader doesn't see how important it is
judge by appearance. The Lord looks at the heart. We should be more too
deals with the state of our heart as the state of our clothing.

A character runs within the novel
from their past. Secrets are kept and hearts closed to stay safe.
When a crack of light shines into a heart, a character has to decide whether to do it
open up and be vulnerable or continue to carry the burden of the past and
risk future happiness.

The characters go on hikes within the novel.
This can be seen as a motive for our life – sometimes it is the road we drive on
smooth, sometimes the journey takes us up the hill or down into the
Valleys, or sometimes we can't see the way ahead. We have to trust God
take us through all the levels of
Life journey.

We will always
need god. He is as close to us as we want him to be. "He often felt the need
for faith and aspired. "When we reach for him, God bends closer to us.

The love of money is at the root of all evil.
There is nothing wrong with having money when we are wise stewards and live with them
open hands and a generous heart. We cannot allow our money to take control and be
the boss of us because then we'll be on a downward trend.

There is a wonderful community atmosphere that
covers the whole novel. The reader is warmly welcomed. Lin Stepp registered
so that we feel that we have "lived" the novel instead of reading it.

I adored Happy
Tal and am sad to leave my new friends behind.

I want to leave you with my favorite quote:

You just need a touch from Jesus too
Have a lot of fun."

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for happy
Valley & return to Edisto
by Lin Stepp, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


title: Happy
Author: Lin Quilt
Publisher: Mountain Hill Press
Release date: April 2, 2020
Genre: Contemporary romance

Escape to the Smoky Mountains from
Tennessee in this sweet story of two young people who happen to meet theirs
Paths that soon overlap and intertwine, amid a group of warm characters
in the small rural community of Happy Valley.

Suffering a heart with grandpa
Juliette Hollander saw no choice but to return to her attack
Help Tennessee Mountain Farm in Happy Valley. You hadn't expected
or want to leave her life and work in North Carolina behind to return to her
so soon the grandparents' house. Nor did she imagine meeting and working with them
A mysterious man she had met briefly last summer and whom she never wanted to see again.

Walker Logan spent the last two
Years on the road in the USA, seeing and running the beauty of the country
from his past. But he sees an old rock house hiking near Abrams Creek
The campsite unexpectedly calls for its soul. With danger close behind, he never has
stayed in one place long enough to take root. But now, with a new vision,
he decides to take the risk.

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title: Return
to Edisto
Series: The Edisto trilogy # 2
Author: Lin Quilt
Publisher: Mountain Hill Press
Release date: April 2, 2020
Genre: Contemporary romance

Return to Edisto Island in the realms,
Low country story about a young woman's difficult decision to flee and threat
Danger that the course of their orderly life and thus the life of
the young man who loved and lost her.

It was a long trip back to Edisto
Iceland, South Carolina and the beach house that has shaped Mary Helen so much
Avery's early life. Now her thoughts flashed between anger and pain
difficult situation she had left behind in the job she loved. Did she do it?
to leave the right one? Should she have stayed to fight? She hoped for that
quiet, beloved island that she knew so well that she would find the answers she needed and
Peace from all this turmoil.

The heart of J.T. made a familiar jerk
when he saw the car with New Jersey signs parked at the Avery beach house.
Even after ten years, the memory of Mary Helen Avery still haunted him.
When he found her crying on the porch, he lit old fires and thought he was dead for a long time. Was he there?
Fool to hope for something more between them with all their problems
Past? Probably, but if she stayed long enough, he would find another chance
To attempt.

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Lin Quilt is a native of Tennessee, a businesswoman and educator. A new
York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and Amazon Bestseller
International author Lin has published eighteen books, including twelve
beloved Smoky Mountain novels, all in different Tennessee and North
Carolina Locations, their latest Mountain Home book, a novella in one of
Kensington's Christmas anthologies and two novels in their new Edisto trilogy,
on the South Carolina coast. Lin and her husband J.L. also write regionally
Travel guides, including a Smoky Mountain hiking guide and a Tennessee State Park

Stepp's latest versions for 2020
are Happy Valley, in a quiet rural valley nearby
the Smoky Mountains and return to Edisto in Edisto
Beach, South Carolina. Lin's previous title was Claire At Edisto
the winner of the Best Books Award 2019 in Fiction: Romance, sponsored
from American Book Fest, her novel Welcome Back as a finalist in
the Selah Awards 2017 and Lin and their husband's guidebook Discovering
Tennessee State Parks a 2019 American Book Fest Best Books
Price finalist for non-fiction: travel guides and essays.

Lin likes to speak for events,
Festivals, libraries and book clubs, reading, hiking, exploring outdoors,
and stay up to date with their readers on Facebook, Twitter and monthly
You can find the blog and newsletter on their website at:

| Facebook | Twitter


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