Gentle and Life, by Len Abrams

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Len AbramsLen AbramsIn Gloucester Cathedral, in the South Ambulatory Chapel of St. Thomas (above), Thomas Denny's modern stained glass depicts Thomas in the presence of the risen Christ, while the windows on either side are based on Psalm 148. This is one of the photos taken by Len Abrams in his book Cathedrals of Light and Life: Images of the Inspiration and Heritage of England's 42 Anglican Cathedrals (978-1-9163851-0-8), available from the Southwark Cathedral Bookshop or on Saisonimages. com, £ 24.90 plus shipping. All proceeds will support health and education projects in the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe through the Diocese of Southwark.

Len Abrams is the lead priest at Christ Church, South Nutfield, Southwark Diocese, and is a civil engineer. He has worked in water development in Africa all his life. He was born in Kenya. His many color photos of English cathedrals often focus on interior details or unusual angles, like this one of St. Paul (right).

The book contains introductory pieces from the Bishops of Worcester and Southwark and a message from the Bishop of Central Zimbabwe recognizing the connection with the Diocese of Southwark

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