Fry chinese language spicy zucchini stir-fry

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This Fry chinese spicy zucchini stir-fry is a SUPER simple side dish that even picky eaters will love! Of course, also gluten-free and healthy!

PEN Fry chinese spicy zucchini stir-fry

This could be the side dish to end all vegetarian side dishes.

It's what the husband has been asking for lately. Even more than the creamed spinach and I told you how much he raved about it!

It's a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and the zucchini is super tender and spicy AND it comes together in one SNAP.

So ya, basically just a whole lot of goodness in one pan!

Fry the Chinese spicy zucchini while stirring

Spicy Chinese zucchini stir fry ingredients

When I need a meal during the week, a visit to me is often a good pan. I love to cook Fry Easy Low Carb Keto Stir or Easy Paleo Cashew Chicken Stir Fry on a weekday after a hard day's work. Stir fries are simple, filling, satisfying, not to mention DELISH and they don't take much time to put them together. You will love the Asian flavors Zucchini pan recipe and you may want to double the recipe right away because I guarantee you will return for seconds! To do it you need:

  • olive oil
  • Sliced ​​zucchini
  • Unspiced rice vinegar
  • Reduced sodium soy sauce (or coconut amino acids)
  • water
  • honey
  • Garlic chili paste
  • sesame oil

Fry the Chinese spicy zucchini while stirring

How to cut zucchini to stir fry

There are so many ways to season, cook and enjoy zucchini, which makes it one of my FAVE vegetables, especially in pan dishes. It's just so versatile! Therefore Spicy Chinese zucchini stir fry, I recommend cutting it into small circles first and then cutting it in half to create half moons. They will be the perfect bite-size pieces to enjoy these pan dishes!

How to stir fry zucchini

Since zucchini can be cooked in so many ways, it's important to know how to cook it for every type of meal. It is often baked or fried, and the ideal texture would be soft, but not too mushy, with a golden brown color and a little crunchy! Here's how I suggest cooking it for it Fry the zucchini squash with stirring.


Put the oil in a large pan and put the element on medium heat. Allow the pan to fully heat before adding the zucchini. Add the zucchini crescent slices and cook until soft and begin to turn golden brown. This should take about 5 minutes.


Put the vinegar in the pan and cook until it evaporates. This should take about 1 minute. Put the remaining ingredients (minus the sesame oil) in the pan and let them cook for about 1 minute until they have thickened. Remove the pan from the heat and mix in the sesame oil until it is fully incorporated.


Season with salt, spread on plates and enjoy!

Serve with zucchini stir fry

You can cook and enjoy all by yourself, but it also goes well with other sites to make a meal out of it! You can even add other vegetables that you have in the fridge that need to be cooked and eaten! I also recommend adding a few strips of chicken or beef and maybe a pot of rice or cauliflower rice. Check out How to cook cauliflower rice 4 easy ways to learn to cook and enjoy! It serves as a low-carb, delicious side that goes so well with all types of pan dishes like this one!

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Fry chinese spicy zucchini stir-fry

This Chinese spicy zucchini pan is a SUPER simple side dish that even picky eaters will love! Of course, also gluten-free and healthy!

Servings 2nd People as a side


  1. Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the zucchini and cook for about 5 minutes until they become soft and brown.

  2. Add the vinegar and cook for about 1 minute until it evaporates. Add all other ingredients except sesame oil and cook them for about 1 minute until they have thickened.

  3. Remove from the heat and stir in the sesame oil.

  4. Season with salt and season to taste!

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For this recipe I recommend:

Nutritional information

Fry chinese spicy zucchini stir-fry

Amount per serving

Calories 161 Calories from fat 72

% Daily value *

fat 8g12%

Saturated fat 1g6%

sodium 331 mg14%

potassium 424 mg12%

carbohydrates 13g4%

Fiber 7g29%

Sugar 9g10%

protein 7g14%

* The daily percentages are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Fry the Chinese spicy zucchini while stirring

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