Free right now! An evening in Tehran: A Titus Ray thriller by Luana Ehrlich

Free right now! An evening in Tehran: A Titus Ray thriller by Luana Ehrlich

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The CIA agent Titus Ray is looking for answers.
Meanwhile, an assassin is looking for him.

Learn the truth. . .
The experienced CIA officer Titus Ray finds refuge with a group of Iranian Christians in Tehran while fleeing from the Iranian secret police. While asking Titus to believe in Jesus Christ, they manage to smuggle him out of Iran and into freedom in Turkey.

Dealing with the past. . .
When he returns to the United States, he discovers that his Iranian mission has failed due to political conflicts within the agency. In a heated outburst, he brings a damning charge against the deputy head of operations. As a result, the deputy forces Titus to take a year off in Oklahoma.

Looking to the future. . .
Before Titus leaves Langley, he learns that he was attacked by an Iranian hired Hezbollah assassin. While trying to figure out what it means to be a follower of Christ, he must decide whether the Iranian couple he meets in Norman, Oklahoma, have ties to the man who tried to kill him, and whether Nikki Saxon , a local detective with a fascinating past, can be trusted with its secrets.

· Can a man trained to lie and deceive live a life of faith?

· Should he tell the handsome young detective his secrets?

· Was the bullet that killed his friend meant for him?

Here's what reviewers have to say about Titus Ray Christian Thrillers:
“I recommend these books to anyone who enjoys clean fiction, especially those about current affairs in the world. I like the development of the characters and their relationship. I gave it five stars for the great storyline and characters that seem so real. “-Amazon Rating

“The characters are very well developed and believable. I enjoyed the way the author described Titus Ray's internal struggles and character flaws that produced a very authentic main character. The story was full of action, and one wonders how the author could be so well informed about the CIA and the work of their undercover agents. “-Amazon Rating

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