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Flying Solo by Zoe Could

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Flying Solo by Zoe May is a deliciously funny contemporary novel that is about discovering exactly what you want in life.

Life is not just about ticking off events on a list. Life can be experienced and enjoyed. We have to discover our passion in life and for what we were created for.

It is a liberating experience to swap the company's boardroom for life in an ashram in India. One has rules and restrictions, the other is about discovering the inner you. Your place in life is not always where you imagined it to be.

Zoe May has created a really fun, lighthearted novel with some serious topics. The atmosphere in India is hot and exotic in contrast to the sadness of London. Zoe May painted India alive with her words. The reader can "experience" the heat and light. We can almost "see" the exotic birds and "smell" the spices.

All characters are wonderfully drawn. The main actress was a breath of fresh air with her attitude to life and her verbal considerations. It was easy to understand – who can forget her observations on outside toilets?

I always love Zoe May's books. She writes in such wonderful warmth. Carefree and always makes me smile.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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