Figuring out him means trusting him – encouragement for at present

Figuring out him means trusting him – encouragement for at present

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Alicia BruxvoortApril 6, 2020

Knowing him means trusting him

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"Those who know the L.ORD Trust him because he will not leave those who come to him. "Psalm 9:10 (NCV)

"I want my mom!" The 3-year-old on the bathroom floor screamed with red anger.

And I want to go home, I thought to myself. I bit my lower lip so my grumpy thoughts wouldn't slip out of my mouth as I tried to hide my own frustration. After all, I was the babysitter, not the baby.

I have been babysitting in my small town for years and I have never met a child I did not like. Until I met my new little load and his big sister for the first time this morning. We got on well until I spoke the word that cornered this precarious preschooler: no.

"No, you can't pull the cat's tail."

"No, you can't cross the street alone."

"No, you can't throw stones at your sister."

I had said it without raising my voice or scowling. I combined it with gentle correction and playful diversion. Nevertheless, the wild boy reacted with a careful howl. Everyone. Single. Time.

During the day my patience wore off and I was tempted to cry with him directly.

"You mustn't throw your hot wheels into the toilet," I said as I rescued the sinking toy and dried it. "But we could go outside and race on the sidewalk."

The 3 year old held my gaze for a long moment and I hoped to hold my breath. But then he shook his head and started crying again.

I sighed and went into the hall to check on his big sister. Fortunately, she was satisfied.

She looked up from the book she was reading and gave me a sympathetic smile. "My brother doesn't cry when mom says no," she said to the 8-year-old. My heart sank, but then she added, "It's only because he knows Mama better."

Her words hovered between us and a revelation dawned: the boy on the bathroom floor didn't know me.

He didn't know that I was for him instead of against him, that I would help him instead of hurting him. He didn't know that I was committed to his safety and wanted to enjoy his company. And because he didn't know my character, he didn't trust my advice.

Years later I had the same distrust of God. It was easy to greet his instructions if they matched my wishes. But when his leadership rerouted my steps or his decrees questioned my decisions, I felt frustrated and cautious.

I have accepted his instructions, but have often questioned his intentions.

I wanted his wisdom, but I felt confused by his ways.

I wanted to trust God more, but I couldn't silence my fight.

Then one day when I was reading Psalm 9:10, I was reminded that there is no doubt that trust does not arise. It grows in the presence of a relationship.

The psalmist explains: “Those who know the L.ORD Trust him because he will not leave those who come to him. "

The original word that the author uses for "knowledge" doesn't just mean head knowledge. It implies an intimate understanding gained through personal experience.

Armed with this new truth, I started to focus my energy on experiencing God instead of eradicating my doubts. I focused less on the secrets of his advice than on the certainties of his character.

I lingered in God's Word and noted His faithfulness. I listened to his voice in prayer and paid attention to his love in action. And just when this suspicious little three-year-old got to know me more than we spent time together, I also got to know the Lord better than I was looking for his company.

Over time, I discovered that what the psalmist is saying is true – knowledge and trust go hand in hand. And it is easier to trust God wholeheartedly when we are familiar with His.

Dear Jesus, help me to know your character better so that I can trust your advice more fully. I want to trust you under all circumstances. In Jesus name, amen.

Proverbs 3: 5-6: "Trust in the L.ORD all my heart; Do not rely on your own understanding. Seek his will in everything you do and he will show you which way to go. "(NLT)

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