Faculties are examined when they don’t provide collective worship

Faculties are examined when they don’t provide collective worship

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(Photo: Pexels / Jessica Lewis)

School Secretary Nick Gibb has said schools will be "investigated" if they fail to meet their obligations to provide collective worship.

The threat came in a written response to a question from Conservative MP Sir John Hayes, who asked what steps the Department of Education (DfE) was taking "to ensure that every running school has a daily service".

As answer to, Mr. Gibb said: "Every running school, academy and free school must ensure that there is a collective worship service every day.

"If the department is informed that a school may be violating this requirement, it will be investigated. If necessary, the department will remind schools of their duty to do so and advise how this can be achieved."

The DfE instructions state that running schools have a duty to perform a daily act of worship. Parents are allowed to withdraw their children, and sixth graders can choose whether or not to participate.

An informal survey of elementary school teachers on Twitter shows that many schools ignore the requirement to offer students daily collective worship.

Following Mr Gibb's comments, second grade teacher Ian Addison interviewed other elementary school teachers on Twitter to find out if their schools are holding collective worship.

Of the 2,680 teachers who responded, more than half (53.4%) said their schools do not offer collective worship.

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