Expertise God's peace amid worry

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These are anxious times. If you or someone you love are scared – and one in five people – you know how debilitating this can be. Peace can seem elusive. However, there is hope and a path that leads from despair to joy.

Regardless of whether you have experienced excruciating worries or debilitating panic, God's Word – in the words of the proverbs – offers "a kind word" that fuels our fearful hearts Fear: Knowing God's PeacePastor and biblical advisor Paul Tautges leads us into the Bible and helps us go beyond the concerns that overwhelm us.

Fear: Knowing God's Peace offers thirty-one daily readings that combine scripture, short prayer, and reflection questions that bring the Bible into our lives. Tautges helps us to get to the root cause of fear – fear – and beyond that to the loving Savior who is ready to bear our burdens.

Request your copy, regardless of whether you are afraid or know someone who is afraid Fear: Knowing God's Peace Finding hope and joy today beyond worry or panic by leaving it to the Lord.

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