Expensive Mrs. Chook from A.J. Pearce

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A wonderful debut

Dear Ms. Bird from A.J. Pearce is the most charming historical novel set in London in 1940/41.

The action surrounds the pages of an agonizing aunt in an established women's magazine. The agonizing aunt is a mature woman who finds many topics "unsuitable" for her pages, much to the disappointment of the office junior. The reader sees a kind heart in action. We hear of the goings-on and processes in journalism against the backdrop of lightning.

We "hear" about the dire conditions emergency services face night after night as they face the horrors of war-torn London.

There is a tremendous bulldog spirit. "The Air Force may have tried to blow us all to pieces, but everyone just got up again." People were made up of rigorous things, getting little sleep but still doing their daily chores. A.J. Pearce captured people's hearts perfectly in her novel.

The characters are all well drawn, unique, and infinitely personable.

A.J. Pearce's writing style is very reminiscent of the style of Britain in the 1940s, when the reader sees life through the eyes of the main character. We "experience" the horrors from the safety of our armchair.

Dear Ms. Bird, it is very delightful and a wonderful debut novel. I can't go back from A.J. Pearce.


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