Do you do that by accident?

Do you do that by accident?

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We need a break in my family.

We need God to appear in time, otherwise we have no time. I am sure that many of you will know this feeling. You need God's help in time to make a decision. You need his advice in time to know how to approach someone. You need his understanding in time to change your heart.

I wonder if Jesus felt like he had to see what Father God was doing in the desert in time. When Jesus was starving and tempted by the devil? When Jesus wondered what scripture to use to fight the enemy’s attacks? Did Jesus hope that he would be released in time?

At this place the devil spoke to Jesus once and said, “If you are the son of God,” he said, “throw yourself. Because it is written:

He will command his angels as far as you are concerned.
and they will put you in their hands
lest you hit your foot against a stone. "(C)

7 Jesus answered him: "It is also written:" Do not test the Lord your God. "(D)" (Mt 4,6-7)

In essence, Jesus said, "Don't you dare to test God."

After reading these words, "Don't test God," I had to admit: I have no idea what it means to "test God." Whatever that is – I know I don't want to do it. So what is it?

The more I dealt with it, the more I learned how the Israelites tested God. For example, God met Moses. And in this place Moses let water come out of a rock through his staff.

However, notice what happened here. It is written: “Moses called the place Massah (which means“ test ”) and Meribah (which means“ test ”) "Fight") because the people of Israel argued with Moses and tested the Lord by saying: "Is the Lord here with us or not?”(Ex. 17: 7)

Testing and arguing with God sounds like, "Is the Lord here with me or not?"

To like:
Is the Lord here to help me with this problem or not?
Will the Lord really get through – or not?
Will the Lord really give me answers – or not?
Does the Lord really think of me – or not?
Is the Lord really a provider – or not?

Friends, let's not test the Lord our God. We don't want to be held back like the Israelites because of our heart stance. We don't want to be farmers used by the enemy. We do not want to be led off the track by spiritual pride.

God is who he says he is. He'll do what he says. He will do. He is full of faith in every situation. This means that he has all the faith to keep every promise. He has every hope of getting us out of the worst of situations. He always has the advice we need. He is always present and active in our life, always.

Arguing and testing from God is fruitless and often blocks the abundant life that Jesus has for us.

Proclaim today: I trust you, God. I'm not testing you.

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