Digital docs are a lifeline for impoverished households in Ecuador

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Dr. Dayana takes a call to the telemedicine hotline

With over three and a half million coronavirus cases across Latin America, doctor visits are a risk that many people don't want to take.

Even though they were ready to visit, the public hospitals in the capital, Quito and Ecuador's second largest city, Guayaquil, are operating at full capacity.

In remote areas, municipal hospitals have only a handful of beds and no x-ray facilities.

For some, reaching the nearest health facility is a two-day boat ride on the river.

The challenges for impoverished families are significant as they have neither the money nor the transportation to go to a hospital.

The Christian charity Compassion Ecuador has developed a simple solution that uses telephones to help sponsored children and their families in the country.

A new telemedicine system recently launched by Compassion is an important lifeline for families who do not have access to medical care in hospitals.

The lifeline was made possible by the voluntary work of doctors who were once godchildren themselves.

Sixto Gamboa, National Director of Compassion Ecuador, said: "We have found that we have excellent doctors and professionals who have been part of our sponsorship program since childhood and are now great doctors and nurses who work every day to save lives. It's us." so proud of them. "

Inés, a doctor and former godchild, said: "I like helping, and this is a time when we have to support each other and be a blessing to all children and their families."

Dr. Ines fills out a prescription for a patient over the phone

Over 300 families have already received help via the medical hotline.

Ivia, who lives in a difficult-to-access community, needed medical help when her two-year-old son Caleb developed a fever and started vomiting. She heard about one of Compassion's partners in the church on the hotline.

"I was afraid because there are no doctors near my house, but when I called the doctor, he helped me and prescribed medication, and in a short time my son was perfectly healthy," she said.

Maria's son Elias developed a sore throat and cough, but when she called the hotline, the doctor was able to calm her fears by ruling out a serious illness. The prescription eliminated all of his symptoms and Maria didn't have to pay anything.

Compassion Ecuador is now planning to increase the number of doctors available to care for more children during the pandemic.

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