Deirdre Masks – The Deal with Guide – Interview

Deirdre Masks – The Deal with Guide – Interview

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This is a fascinating new book …

The address book: Which street addresses reveal identity, race, wealth and power?
Deirdre mask

Hardcover: St. Martins Press, 2020
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An extraordinary debut in the tradition of classic works by authors such as Mark Kurlansky, Mary Roach and Rose George.

A lavish and revealing work of popular history about how streets got their names, housed their numbers, and what they reveal about class, race, power, and identity.

If most people think of street addresses, if they think of them at all, they can ensure that the postman can deliver mail or that a traveler is not lost. However, street addresses were not invented to make your way easier. They were created to find you. In many parts of the world, your address can reveal your race and class.

In this far-reaching and remarkable book, Deirdre Mask deals with the fate of the streets named after Martin Luther King Jr., the signposts of the ancient Romans, and how Nazis haunt the streets of modern Germany. The downside of an address is not having one, and we are also seeing what that means for millions of people today, including those who live in the Kolkata slums and on the streets of London.

The address book is full of fascinating people and stories and illuminates the complex and sometimes hidden stories behind street names and their ability to name, hide, choose who counts, who doesn't – and why.

Listen to an interview with Deirdre Mask
from the public radio station WNYC:


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