Coronavirus is an effective time for individuals to consider demise and heaven – Keith Getty – Bible Type

Coronavirus is an effective time for individuals to consider demise and heaven – Keith Getty

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Because the coronavirus pandemic is rampant, Christian anthem writer Keith Getty encourages people to talk about death and the next events.

He told The Belfast Telegraph that there was nothing to fear and that it was "healthy" to speak about it.

"It's such a difficult time," he said.

"And there is so much that we don't currently know.

"We don't know when the suspension will end or how it will end. We don't know if our jobs will be the same as before and we can't be sure we won't get Covid." 19 or even a variant in a few years. " he says.

"But we can be sure that we will all eventually die, even if it is not now in this time of crisis. I think it is a healthy thing to think about and talk about.

"We cannot be afraid of it because it is the only one that we have to be sure of.

"As Christians, we believe that life does not stop at death and that what happens next is extraordinary.

"If anything, this is a time for people to have these conversations about what happens next because there is nothing to fear about death."

He and his wife Kristyn Getty have brought spiritual comfort to people around the world through their live hymn singalongs.

Millions of people have stopped the Getty Family Hymn Sing since the ban began. You are surprised by the reaction.

"We didn't think too much was going to happen and he shared it with our mailing list and it went live on our Facebook page.

"But at the end of the week our girls were in Fox News more than Kristyn and I in 20 years, and a week later it was broadcast on many different platforms.

"At the end of the second week it was total chaos with 1.1 million viewers and before we knew it we were all at Fox News.

"It was a great success like we never imagined. But over here the idea of ​​a family gathering around a piano that sings together is unusual. Culturally, it doesn't seem to be the same in America. At home, that happens all the time.

"But here it really aroused the imagination. Tomorrow we will be broadcast on radio and television, which goes beyond everything we imagined."

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