Controversial information to hate crimes after authorized problem by the 14-year-old

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(Photo: Unsplash / Cecilie Johnsen)

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) temporarily withdrew the controversial LGBT hate crime policy for schools after a 14-year-old girl threatened to take legal action.

The girl, referred to as Miss A in legal documents, is supported by the Safe Schools Alliance, which said that the guidance would restrict freedom of speech and "make schoolchildren feel unsafe in schools."

The CPS withdrew the guidelines for review after lawyers sent a preparation letter on behalf of the 14-year-old.

The guidelines threatened schools with legal action if they did not allow transgender students to use facilities based on their gender, and defined a hate crime as "rejecting someone" and "not wanting to work with them".

Ms. A said the guidelines released in January were worrying.

The Safe Schools Alliance said, "We are grateful to the CPS for withdrawing their school counseling. Although the idea that this guide would educate students about hate crimes and reduce bullying might well be meant, the effect was exactly the opposite.

"It has reinforced sexist and homophobic stereotypes, restricted freedom of expression and made schoolchildren feel insecure in schools."

It is the second LGBT policy that schools withdrew last month after the Warwickshire Council reversed its All About Me policy, in which young children were taught self-stimulation and gender identity can best be understood as a spectrum ". .

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