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The Light Keeper by Cole Morton is the most beautiful novel that has calmed my soul. Every now and then a book comes with a calm, beautiful atmosphere that pervades the whole novel, and I just sink into it and let the book wash over me. The Light Guardian is not a book to rush through, it is one to enjoy. There is power and understanding in the words that Cole Morton used.

The book is a study of life and love and loss – a life that has been and a love that does not end; a life that still has to be and a despair that cannot go; and a love that has died, but the glow remains. This is a story that requires an emotional response at many levels.

There is deep sadness on the pages. "The white sound of mourning never stopped, it just became part of the music of his life." When life is torn away and hope is gone, sadness and love remain. "He wants to go, but she's still here." When we are sunk by our grief, we are sometimes afraid to continue if we lose our memories and ties to our loved one.

A character mourns for what she didn't have – her mother died when she was only three, but the feeling of loss remains.

There is the painful topic of infertility and IVF – this despair as hope is swept away every month. Through the beautiful and sensitive words we can "feel" the despair and despair.

The real environment of Beachy Head is the focus of the novel. This is a well-known place in England for its high cliffs and desperate people, but not everyone who visits it wants to jump, some just want to escape the world a bit.

Some books are deep in your heart and soul – The Light Keeper is one such book. It is so very beautiful, almost ethereal, a work of enormous calm and love.

The Light Keeper is a book that I will visit again and again because I believe that each reading will highlight something different.

I will leave you a powerful quote:

“Love is stronger than hate. Light is stronger than dark. "

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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