Cardinal Turkson provides face masks and care packages to Roma households

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Cardinal Peter Turkson delivered face masks and care packages to Roma families in need on the outskirts of Rome on the weekend on behalf of Pope Francis.

"We are here today to experience the support of those who are suffering and vulnerable and who are often forgotten, especially in times of health, social and economic hardship," said Cardinal Turkson after the visit on June 13.

"As Pope Francis often repeats, no one should be left behind," he said.

Cardinal Turkson, prefect of the Dicloster to promote integral human development, met with volunteers from a nonprofit organization that provides 200-300 food parcels a week for children living in Roma camps and slums. The cardinal then visited a Roma camp outside Rome in Castel Romano to help deliver some food packages.

The Roma, who are often referred to as "gypsies" and "travelers" in large parts of Europe, form a marginal and minority that is present in countries across the continent.

Pope Francis has met with members of the Roma community in Rome several times and thus the tradition of Pope Paul VI. Continued who visited a Roma camp near Rome in 1965.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the risk of malnutrition among Roma children in the camps, the Dicastery for the Integral Human Development said.

Turkson distributed 300 vinyl gloves, 600 surgical masks, 200 fabric masks and 500 packs of paracetamol, which the Vatican Pharmacy donated to COVID-19 as part of the Vatican Commission of the Dicaster.

The Vatican Commission for COVID-19, set up at the request of Pope Francis, was established to “express the concern and love of the Church for the entire human family in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily through analysis and reflection on socio-economic and cultural challenges the future and proposing guidelines to address them. "

During his visit to the Roma community, Cardinal Turkson shared all of the volunteers, families, and children in the camp with the feeling of spiritual closeness and paternal embrace of Pope Francis during this difficult time. This emerges from a press release from the Dicastery on June 13th.

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