Cardinal George Pell is once more charged with youngster abuse – report

Cardinal George Pell is once more charged with youngster abuse – report

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Cardinal George Pell was acquitted by the Australian High Court.Reuters

An Australian newspaper has claimed that the police are investigating Cardinal George Pell on a new charge of child sexual abuse.

The former Vatican treasurer was released from prison only last week after the Australian High Court overturned a child sex abuse sentence relating to two boys in 2018 in 1996.

The High Court said the jury, which found him guilty in December 2018, had not examined whether "there is a reasonable chance that the crime did not take place".

The cardinal spoke of his time in prison with Andrew Bolt of Sky News Australia in a recorded interview that aired on the channel Tuesday night.

In it, the 78-year-old said that his 405 days in prison were "atypical" and that he had made friends with some of his fellow inmates.

"My experience was quite atypical, I only spoke extensively to four people. The three who were down with me in Barwon (prison) were very nice to me. Many people have a lot of good things," he said.

He went on to say that he had received around 4,000 letters in the prison and that he "never felt left", but added that the prison was a "dark place".

"I had a daily schedule. I followed the advice I had given priests many times when they were in trouble. Continue your prayers. Get out of bed in time. Eat properly. Exercise every day. Try at night sleep, "he said.

"I also read and wrote. A lot of good friends sent me lots of articles and lots of books, so I was pretty much into the routine."

He added that he was interested in people who were "wrongly convicted" after his own stay in prison.

The Australian newspaper Herald Sun reported Tuesday that a new prosecutor had come forward to accuse Pell of sexual abuse in the 1970s. It was reported that the police had not yet contacted Pell about the alleged incident.

In his interview with Sky News Australia, Pell was asked how he would react if the police "continued to search for victims".

Pell replied, "Well, I wouldn't be completely surprised. But who knows. It's their business."

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