Can We Right Love Gone Fallacious?

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We all want to love and to be loved. We’re made in the image of God, who is love. Healthy loving is at the very heart of true human flourishing, but human life is full of love gone wrong—marriages break down, relationships with family members are strained, and loneliness is an ever-increasing problem.

In the book Aspects of Love, pastor and physician William Philip delves into what the Bible has to say about relationships. He explores friendship, marriage, sex, and family—and how to protect and nurture these most treasured relationships by honoring God’s design for our roles as friends, spouses, singles, parents, and children.

With pastoral sensitivity and biblical fidelity, Philip offers guidance on how to love one another within the framework of God’s instruction. In an age of relationship breakdown, Aspects of Love reminds us how to align our hearts with God’s plan and purpose for our relationships so that we can guard against many of our culture’s corrosive influences.

In this candid assessment, you’ll find valuable biblical counsel from a wise pastor. This is the perfect book for those who find themselves struggling to give and find love, as well as for those who wish to reverse society’s distortion of our most important relationships.

Trained first as a physician and now entrusted with the care of souls, the author is uniquely placed to address matters healthy and holy. Providing both diagnosis and cure, he shows how an understanding of God’s love for us lays the foundation for loving and being loved. —Alistair Begg


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