Beth Moore seeks forgiveness to advertise complementarism

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Beth Moore, founder of Living Proof Ministries.(Facebook / Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore)

Beth Moore has sought forgiveness from Christians for "complicity" in making complementarism a litmus test of faith.

She said on Twitter that where this theology is considered to be most important, Scripture has been "abused".

She then asked for forgiveness if she had done something to raise his status.

"Let me blunt you. If you functionally treat complementarism – a teaching of man – as if it were among the matters of paramount importance, yes, as the litmus test of where to stand for error and scriptural authority, you are the ones I misused the scriptures. You went too far, "she said.

"I beg forgiveness where I was complicit. I didn't see it for what it was until 2016. I beg your forgiveness for the way I submitted to it and supported and taught it. I trusted the motives to be divine I haven't lost my mind. Nor my teaching. Just my naivete. "

Complementary theology regards men and women as equals in the eyes of God, but has different roles, particularly in marriage and in church leadership.

It goes against egalitarianism which believes that men and women can serve in the same roles.

When asked by the Religion News Service if she was now egalitarian, she said, "I am not going to be placed in either category because that is not my point. My point is that it has accepted the importance of a first level doctrine Has. ""

Her apology doesn't come long after she leaves the Southern Baptist Convention.

Further commenting on complementarism, she said she "meant exactly what I said" and urged others to review their beliefs.

"Y'all, we can't be part of building a system and then sit at our desks without knowing what several people are doing on behalf of the system," she said.

"I have sagging jaws. When you've helped build something that has turned into a Frankenstein for many, get your lasso, Victor, and drag the monster inside."

She added in another tweet, "I just heard from someone who was among the biggest mouthpieces out there for hypercomplementarism, and they had no idea what I or anyone else went through with some of these guys. I want so badly Be kind and sweet. I am a happy person. I love Jesus, but I am about to lose my mind. "

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