Beth Moore is taking a break from Twitter after commenting on complementarism

Beth Moore is taking a break from Twitter after commenting on complementarism

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Beth MooreYouTube / lifetodaytv

Beth Moore is taking a break from Twitter because she feels "a little too strong" on some things to be on the social media platform.

The popular Christian speaker and writer recently shared her frustration with complementarism on Twitter and apologized to her fans if she did anything to elevate theology.

That apology came not long after she left the Southern Baptist Convention.

When announcing her social media break, she said she was "relieved" to get away from Twitter and joked that she might even "hit someone" because of her excitement.

"I'm taking a short break … I feel a little too strong about some things to be on Twitter right now. I don't trust myself. I'm going to hit someone. I can either get ugly or drop out." ," She said.

She said she did not regret her recent comments, just wanted to "walk in the Spirit with Jesus" and "not burn anything down" for a while.

"Mind you, I'm not taking back a word I said … I just think it's enough for now," she said.

Moore added that she had started writing again, so she would spend her Twitter break focusing on that instead.

"Please know that everything is fine and I'll be back in those tweety bird forests soon. I wanted to tell you to behave, but sometimes the behavior is overrated," she said.

Moore, the founder of Living Proof Ministries, has nearly a million Twitter followers and is a popular speaker at Christian women's conferences.

The 63-year-old announced last month that she was no longer part of the Southern Baptist Convention because she did not identify "with some things" in the denomination's legacy that "did not remain in the past."

Then, earlier this month, Moore said complementarism was not "of primary concern" and should not be "used as a litmus test of where to stand for scriptural error and authority".

"I beg your forgiveness where I was complicit. I wasn't able to see it for what it was until 2016. I beg your forgiveness for the way I submitted to it and supported and taught it," she said.

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