Archbishop Gänswein: Benedict XVI. "Sickness subsides"

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The personal secretary of Benedict XVI, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, said that the Pope's emeritus illness is "subsiding".

In an interview with the German newspaper Südkurier, Archbishop Gänswein is said to have said that the "illness" of Benedict XVI. Waning and that his medication has been reduced.

Benedict XVI Sufferers from facial shingles, a bacterial infection of the skin that causes a painful, red rash. "The pain began after the death of his brother," said Gänswein to Südkurier.

"Although the disease was very uncomfortable and painful, it was not life threatening," said the archbishop in the article published on August 9.

"This is pain that I do not wish my worst enemy to be," said Gänswein.

The Pope's personal secretary gave the interview to German media when he was visiting his hometown of Riedern am Wald in the Black Forest.

After the papal biographer Peter Seewald reported last week that the former Pope had been "very frail" since his return from his dying brother in Bavaria in June, the Vatican made it clear on August 3 that Benedict XVI's health problems. Be "not serious".

The Holy See Press Office said: "The health conditions of the Pope Emeritus are not particularly worrying, with the exception of that of a 93-year-old who is going through the most acute phase of a painful but not serious illness."

Benedict XVI Resigned from the papacy in 2013, pointing to the advanced age and declining strength that made it difficult to carry out his ministry. He was the first Pope to resign in almost 600 years.

Seewald commented on Benedict XVI after seeing him on August 1st in his Vatican home in the Mater Ecclesia monastery, where he presented a copy of his latest biography of the retired Pope.

The journalist said, despite his illness, Benedict was optimistic and said he could start writing again when his strength returned. Seewald also said that the voice of the former Pope was now "barely audible".

German media also reported on August 3rd that Benedict decided to be buried in the former grave of John Paul II in the crypt of St. Peter's Basilica. The body of the Polish Pope was moved to the upper part of the basilica when he was canonized in 2014.

Benedict XVI Like John Paul II, wrote a spiritual will that can be published after his death.

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