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An attitude of gratitude

At 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 Paul writes that as believers we “should always rejoice, pray continually, and give thanks under all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

It may seem like a great task for God to ask us to be pleased and thankful in ALL circumstances, but it is important to realize that sometimes we are grateful because of our circumstances and sometimes we will be grateful despite our circumstances. In the best and worst of times, there are some constants that we can be thankful for in any situation. We were saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and have promised eternal life with our Heavenly Father. The Lord assures us that He is always with us, always in control, and always with our best interests in His heart.

This “big picture” perspective is so important, especially since the past year was full of discouraging and uncertain circumstances. However, amid the negativity, there were many beautiful moments and precious memories that we can look back on with joy and gratitude.

How can we make the conscious choice to have an attitude of gratitude every day? Keep it simple Thank god every morning for the breath in your lungs and the sunshine that streaks through the window. In the evening, think about the day and say thank you for something that put a smile on your face, no matter how tiny or insignificant it might seem.

Personally, I do this by keeping a gratitude log in my bullet journal with enough space for one sentence per day. One of my favorite parts of my nightly routine is pulling out my journal before bed to write down something I'm grateful for. As the day progressed, knowing that I would update my gratitude log with a new entry in the evening made me more aware of the amazing things that were going on around me, which made me a more grateful person.

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's make every day a day of giving thanks, because a grateful heart is a joyful heart.

Sunitha Konatham,
A Shazzy Fitness Guest Blogger is a college student and freelance writer who loves to spread joy and encouragement by writing about faith, health, music, and the little moments that make life a little sweeter on her blog: For this moment.

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