An anchor on her coronary heart by Patricia Lee

An anchor on her coronary heart by Patricia Lee

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A gift from God

An anchor on her heart by Patricia Lee is a delightful contemporary Christian novel about love, friendship and our faithful God. It is the first book in the Mended Hearts series and I can't wait to read the following books.

The novel concerns the sea and a community. The sea is wild and untamed. There will be times when rescue is needed. This reminds the reader that God saves us from our situations. We just have to shout at him.

Sometimes God is silent. "She begged heaven to hear her cry … God said nothing." We must never equate silence with absence. God hears our cries and always moves in our name, but not always as we expect.

As parents, we long to protect our children. It is not always possible when they get older, but we can entrust them to God's hands and cover them with prayer. "From your lips to God's ears."

At the center of the novel is a beautiful six-year-old girl with autism. It captures the heart of the reader with its mannerisms. Those who understand their needs offer their love, patience and kindness and are repaid in kind.

God is the god of restoration. He will restore the lost and the broken in a way that we cannot imagine.

There is a wonderful community atmosphere that excites the reader because the reception goes beyond the pages.

This is my first book by Patricia Lee. I will surely hunt more, more, more.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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