Alistair Begg encourages us to answer our hope

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Dear friend,

I am pretty sure that some of us have turned to the final verses of Habakkuk in these somewhat daunting days. The prophet, like Job and sometimes the psalmist, finds it difficult to reconcile the difficulties God's people face with his promise to protect and provide. The solution comes when he turns to God in prayer and remembers that "God the Lord is my strength". Although he may face a number of material disasters, he will "rejoice in the Lord" and "take" joy in the God of my salvation. “I encourage you to read the short prophecy. Recall Paul's words to the Church in Rome: "For what was written earlier was written for our instruction so that we can have hope through perseverance and by encouraging Scripture."

The uncertainty of these days leads us to examine ourselves to see where our security lies and from which source we draw life and hope and joy and peace. A friend of the family sent us a wonderful quote from Spurgeon in this sense: “God is both a wall and a well for his people, a wall to protect him from his opponents and a well to meet all his needs from his To satisfy life. lively, overflowing abundance. "

If there is ever a time for us to turn to the truth of God's Word for our lives, it is certainly now. Many of our friends find that their view of the world turns out to be insufficient for the special challenges of COVID-19. Christians are not immune to the virus or the fear that creeps in on us in the early morning. Jesus told his followers that they would face tribulation and isolation, but at the same time assured them of the peace that was found in him. Although we can't congregate in large groups, we do have the opportunity to have conversations, either face to face (six feet apart) or on social media. Let us not miss the opportunity to respond to someone who asks us for a reason for the hope we have, with gentleness and respect.


We planned to offer a few months ago Fear: Knowing God's Peace as one of our book recommendations in May. I think you will agree that it is timely. I encourage you to consider two copies – one to keep and one to share with a friend or colleague.

Keep in touch with us and let us know how we can support you. Thank you for the way your prayerful generosity enables us to spread the Gospel. Some of you wrote to me about the death of dear Derek Prime. Perhaps I will say something about it next time, but rest assured that I am touched by your thoughtfulness, even though we are jointly grateful for his example from someone who led the race to A Good, like the title of one of his books it expresses old age.

On behalf of the entire team and with my love for the Lord Jesus,

Alistair Begg

Fear of knowing God's peace

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