After I shut my eyes from Elizabeth Musser

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When I close my eyes by Elizabeth Musser is a powerful one
contemporary Christian history that will blow your mind if you witness the
great love of God for his people and their great love for each other.

The novel has forgiveness and grace
Heart. We are all sinners who need a Redeemer. "Help me get out of debt and
Helplessness behind it. "Sometimes we think we're so" bad "that we are
disqualified from God's love. Nothing is further from the truth. God
pursues us passionately until we receive him and his free gift of grace.
"Forgiveness … it changes something in your heart." When we get forgiveness
We exchange a stone heart for a heart made of flesh.

It's nice to see how a character is looking for that
Truth about who God is. Questions are asked that bring the character closer to them
Arms and heart of God. No matter what happens to this character, they get one
Peace because they know Jesus.

The truth will set us free. The truth was
hidden for years to protect, but the reality is – was a burden
worn that should never be picked up.

The church is a lifeline in difficult times.
They "needed these people in the church, needed their prayers and support." The
Support, both practical and spiritual, elevates those who do not have the strength
so yourself.

Much of the novel takes place in an intensive care unit. It is a
traumatic time with many cordial conversations. Experience characters
Despair is filled with faith and hope by others. Some of the most
Christ-like actions do not come from those who profess to be Christians, but from a
Character who actively runs away from Jesus without knowing that he is chasing her.

There are some difficult mental issues
Illness in the form of depression, PTSD and thoughts of suicide. These are
presented sensitively.

I found when
I Close My Eyes is an incredibly powerful novel with lots of divine advice. There
were characters who followed in Jesus' footsteps and revealed the heart of
God. I couldn't take it off. It was a wow, wow, wow read. I will leave you
with this powerful quote:

"I breathe in God's forgiveness every day and
exhale his grace. "

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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