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A Stroll with Heavenly Spirits by J.E. Grace

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Allison Stevens became a Christian at a young age. Then she makes a wrong decision, which leads her on a collision course of disappointment and heartache. God loves them and wants them back, but Satan wants to keep them in a life of despair and lies.
Heavenly spirits are sent by God to instruct Allison and to remember God's promises. Can she walk the path that God has provided for her and find the joy that is missing in her life?

A family she didn't know she had, a man grieving for his personal loss, and a criminal who wanted to see her dead made her life more complicated than ever. Can she be happy outside of chaos?

On the way back to God, she discovers that there are still struggles, but now she knows that she is not alone. God is with her. Can she stay strong and ward off the devil's lies?


Loved loved this beautiful unique story. Alison had gotten a lot from God, she was married to the man of her dreams and she had a fantastic job she loved. She liked to take without thinking what it might have cost someone else. Yes, she took without a grateful heart and without compassion, she had to learn lessons of empathy. When her life collapsed drastically, God sent his heavenly spirit to explain the reasons and help her overcome.

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