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From dissatisfied husbands to whiny children to embarrassing cooking / grilling / dinner – this is just a minimal amount of control that our kitchen goes through. How many of us can actually say that we are 100% satisfied with the finished products in our kitchen? Yes that's what I thought. Fortunately, I'm going to highlight seven (7) ways today and talk about how you can improve your kitchen. Master them and your food will be the star of every PTA!


This is one of the best tools you can use to improve your cooking. When it comes to making dishes, many religions believe that the type of your energy or mood can affect the offspring of your kitchen; The emotions and intentions that you feel when preparing a meal are transferred to this dish. So brighten up!

Spices Spices

Instead of using shortcuts when preparing meals, we should try a little. Go natural! Add herbs such as cardamom, turmeric or chili peppers. These spices are not only good for you, they turn every boring meal into a dish that could be served in a five-star restaurant!


Make sure you always plan your meals appropriately. Otherwise overcooking or, in the worst case, undercooking can occur. Nobody wants a burnt or raw meal unless they have a steak and let's be real, even then I want mine to be done well. Why do the best cooks live and die in the kitchen after their timers? It helps measure your food accurately while allowing you the freedom to multitask.

clean kitchenClean as you go!

Cleaning while working in the kitchen improves mobility and relieves your work area. Have you ever tried to cook in a crowded kitchen? Sinks filled with last night's cooking and countertops full of dishes? Try multitasking a bit more in the kitchen, see how this timer starts? Allow yourself to be cleaned while you walk, and your meals will taste just as clean.

Use the recipe

Some of us consider ourselves too "natural" to dare to touch a cookbook, but switching on a cooking channel has never harmed anyone. It actually has a number of advantages; You can easily control the portion size so that less leftovers overload the refrigerator. Using a recipe is also a great way to control the amount of money you spend on each meal.

Use your instincts too!

It is also important that as a chef you understand the portions and amounts in the kitchen. A recipe could tell you to use 1 cup of sugar if you can actually handle only half a cup. It's okay to give a little remix to some recipes. Finally, you should know what amounts are healthiest for your unique self / family. Bend the recipes to your liking; There is no crime in that.

Customize your fire

While some of us can adjust their fires while cooking, not all of them do. Many of us cook with fire at height while eating and then wonder why the chicken breast is so dry or why the rice always seems to stick to the bottom of the pot. It is more mandatory than optional to adjust the fire when cooking.

Cooking is all about effort and passion. When mastered, it can be used as a tool for creativity and total harmony.

Anya WilsonAnya Wilson, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger is an aspiring writer, certified eyelash technician, freelance upwork employee and CEO of Lash Onyx & Organa. She sees work as more than just a means to make money. "Work is love made visible", a quote that she swears by. Anya is obsessed with proving that you can love what you do while being successful.

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