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7 Christian Books to Learn for Divine Encouragement

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7 Christian Books to Read for Divine Encouragement

Spending a lot of time at home gives me a lot more time to do things I would normally be too busy to do, like reading! I wanted to share a few books that I read both during the shelter site and in recent years that have really stuck with me and encouraged me on my way with God.

1. "Lies women believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The enemy is a masterful liar and targets our weaknesses by feeding us lies that make us doubt our relationship with God. Each chapter breaks open a lie so ingrained in many of us that we may not even realize we believe in it and then give us ways to overcome it. I went through this book with the small group of my girls in church and it gave me guidance on how to seek solace in God's truth when the way I see myself is not the way God sees me.

2. "girl wash your face" by Rachel Hollis

This is another book that deals with the lies that keep us from living our lives the way God intended. It's written with wit and unfiltered honesty, and it feels like listening to your best friend talk about the bumps in her life and what advice she would give you on how to overcome those hurdles on your own. A friend of mine recommended this book to me before she even finished it, and all I knew was that I had to read it when she insisted that she finish the last chapter while she waited for our meal in a grill restaurant!

3. "Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst

In the midst of everything that is happening in the world, it is definitely getting harder and harder to keep everything together, especially when it comes to relationships with the people around us. This book has given me both biblical inspiration and practical ways to find peace in the most difficult of circumstances, to communicate effectively even when you feel like people don't understand, and to respond to situations with a sense of calm rather than chaos .

4. "Made to long”By Lysa TerKeurst

This book, also by TerKeurst, explores the struggle many of us have when it comes to our relationship with food. In times of stress (like now!) Or boredom, it's easy to scour and search the kitchen to distract us. This book provides detailed steps and reflective questions to help you learn how to break the cycle of looking for food for temporary satisfaction and instead turning to God for infinite comfort.

James 6 14

5. "Looking for Lovely”Posted by Annie Downs

This book is a collection of seemingly banal moments in the author's life and reflections that look back and recognize the beauty in them. The goodness of God is seen everywhere, and after reading this book in a Bible study for women, I look for the beautiful in every experience God gives me. It's such a valuable perspective, especially when we look at everything that drives us in 2020.

6. "Jesus calls

Wouldn't it be amazing if you had a “good morning” text or email from your Savior waiting for you when you wake up each day? God's mercy is new every morning, and this daily devotion, written from the perspective of Jesus, reminds me of it every time I read it. There are so many versions (I have the original and the graduate ones) that there is definitely an edition of Jesus Calling out there that is tailored to you and your stage in life.

7. The Holy Bible

There is nothing better than going to the source. I've gone through the New Testament with my small church group and no matter how many times I've read these passages, I'm always learning something new about God and our relationship with him. God is not only the author of the Bible, but also the author of our lives. So there is no one better to turn to for encouragement in our time of need.

Paul writes at Colossians 2: 2: "My aim is that they should be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, so that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ." Hearts are encouraged we can move closer to God and get to know him better, but it is definitely easier said than done. We all have seasons in our lives that can be daunting or difficult, but I hope these books give you a dose of divine encouragement who to turn to when things get tough.

Sunitha Konatham,
A Shazzy Fitness Guest Blogger is a college student and freelance writer who loves to spread joy and encouragement by writing about faith, health, music, and the little moments that make life a little sweeter on her blog: For this moment.

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