6 prayers for the week after Easter – Easter devotion

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6 prayers for the week after Easter
Lysa TerKeurst

The angel said to the women: Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; he is risen as he said. Come and see the place where he was. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: "He rose from the dead and is going to Galilee before you. There you will see him." Now I have told you. "Matthew 28: 5-7 (NIV)

I don't think Easter is quite over with me yet.

I know what glorious things this holy day is saying to the whole world.

But what does Jesus want me to know, think about, go through at this time of year? This season of new beginnings.

So I stay here a little longer.

I feel like the girl who wears the same outfit to school two days in a row. Easter is over now. Time to put it back in the closet. It's not just for me. I want to wear it again today, tomorrow, and many more mornings.

After all, Easter is no longer a ritual for me. It's a revelation. A time when Jesus splits my soul deep inside along the fault line of a scar: I was an unwanted child to my birth father.


But to Jesus … I was wanted so much that he gave his life for me. It feels so personal. Although I know that God loved the world so much that He gave his Son, it will be very individual if we allow it.

Be personal.

With Jesus.


So in the midst of a world that is putting away Easter, could we let it sit with us a little longer?

I keep my Bible open to the place where the angel spoke to the women at the tomb. And I get caught up in his words from Matthew 28 when six prayers come up …

• "Don't be afraid" – God, I give you the things that make me so afraid. Revive the parts of my faith that have been suppressed by fear.

• "I know that you are looking for Jesus" – God, when my soul searches, help me to know that the answer to every longing can be found in you.

• "He Is Risen" – God, the fact that Jesus was resurrected should lift my head, heart, and demeanor. Help me live today as if I truly believe this in every part of my life.

• "as he said" – Jesus, you keep your promises. Help me live as if I believe that with every part of me. Help me trust you more, obey you more, and be more like you.

• "Come and see" – Jesus, you let the angels invite the women to convince themselves that you were resurrected. You invite me to these personal revelations every day. Forgive me for sometimes storming around forgetting to come to myself … You, your word, your insights.

• "Then go quickly and tell his disciples" – Jesus, I don't want to be an insider tip with my faith. I want to be a bold and gracious truth clarifier. To you. With you. Because of you. I, the unwanted girl you loved, redeemed and wanted.

In Jesus name, amen.

Yes, let this wondrous Easter be personal. And praying. And linger a little longer.

Dear Sir, I want to let your truth sink deep into my heart and soul today. Help me focus on you In Jesus name, amen.

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Reflect and respond:
Find Matthew 28 in your Bible and read through the entire chapter. Which verse do you notice?

Take this verse and write it down or say it aloud in prayer. Let God's truth sink deep into your heart and soul.

Power verse:
1 John 3: 16a: "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid his life for us." (NIV)

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