5 Keep Motivated Methods For Wholesome Residing

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5 Stay Motivated Strategies For Healthy Living

I stood there pulling on my clothes, but the mirror didn't lie. I had gained so much weight in a particularly turbulent season of my life that I hardly recognized myself. Those round cheeks, broad hips, and flabby stomach must have belonged to someone else. But they didn't, and besides, I felt sick and weak. I knew something had to change.

That was ten years ago and it was an imperfect journey. Despite the setbacks, I have retained the desire to stay healthy and feel good. I learned to motivate myself when I am ready to give up.

1. Remember your why

    There are many reasons to make healthy choices. Maybe, like me, it's about losing weight and feeling better. Whatever the reason, it is easy to forget when we start to see a little progress or get into a period in life when commitment is more difficult to keep. Writing down my reasons for getting well is a great motivator for me to come back when I start to get off track.

    Why did you start this healthy journey? Write this down now and then pull it out when you want to give up or when you lose sight of your goals.

    2. Build on your swing

    It's almost always easier to move on than to stop and start over. Do you sometimes feel tempted to skip that early morning run or do you want to eat that second cinnamon bun? I get it. Me too! But I know it will take forever to start over and all of my work will be lost. Take a day off if you have to, but come back as soon as possible.

    run and train together

    3. Find an Accountability Partner

    Most of us know someone who wants to make healthy changes. Find a friend who you can be honest with about your daily struggle, someone who can encourage you even if your goals are not the same. Be honest with your potential partner about what you need from them and what your goals are. Even if they don't live near you, you can touch the base using the phone or pictures. My friend and I send each other pictures of what we are eating. It helps both of us stay inspired and keeps us from getting into trouble when we need a new idea.

    4. Leave personal notes

    Positive affirmation can be powerful. I leave reminder notes like, "You are so close to your goal!" "Stay strong!" And "You did it yesterday, you can do it again." These little notes help me stay focused, put a smile on my face, and remind myself of my why.

    5. Use apps that track progress

    I love apps that track my progress. I get higher satisfaction when I get praise and digital stickers and many apps allow you to invite friends so you can give each other digital high fives. And apps help me move forward when I see I'm close to a new goal. But I especially love seeing my own progress.

    Most of all, find your why, stay strong, and keep working on your goals. We all have setbacks, but it's never too late to start over or improve your game.

    Jacqi KambishJacqi Kambish, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger is a Christian mother of three lovable, spirited children, one of whom has special needs. She holds a BS in Bible Theology and Youth Ministry from William Jessup University and is a writer with Anchored Voices. She lives in Colorado with her family and enjoys writing thoughtfully about parenting, faith, and the joys and trials of life while leaving hope and encouragement to her readers. You can follow Jacqi on Facebook and on her blog: The presumptuous ladybug.

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