5 Important eBooks for Church Leaders

5 Important eBooks for Church Leaders

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Here are 5 top August 2020 ebook deals that are worth checking out:
(N. T. Wright, Christine Pohl, Terry Tempest Williams, MORE)

Each week we carefully curate a handful of church leader books that align us with the health and prosperity of our communities.

# 1:

N.T. Wright

*** $ 3.49 ***

In this book of pastoral reflections N.T. Wright examines how the Our Father sums up what Jesus was about in the first century. Wright finds the Our Father clause after clause in the historical life and work of Jesus and allows the devotional application of prayer to grow out of its historical context. The result is a new understanding of Christian spirituality and prayer life.

# 2:

Living in community: cultivating practices that support us

Christine Pohl

*** $ 1.99 ***

*** Our book of the year 2012!
“Every Christian should read this provocative book! Christine thoroughly describes the interlocking relationships and dangerous deformities of practices that could deepen, but often destroy, our communities. This volume is relevant to our families, churches, and even workplaces. “- Marva Dawn

Bargain Theology Books

# 3:

James Carroll

*** $ 3.99 ***

In this “masterful story” (Time), National Book Award winning author James Carroll describes the deeply troubling two thousand year course of the Church's struggle against Judaism and the crisis of faith she has sparked in his own life as a Catholic.

# 4:

Will Hunt

*** $ 1.99 ***

PLUS, buy the ebook and get it
the audiobook for only $ 7.49 !!!

"A thoughtful, and often romantic, exploration of mankind's relationship to underground spaces…. This is not a travel guide, but a historical and philosophical exploration of the dual nature of what lies beneath us: the underground has been the subject of. Since the birth of civilization." Fascination and fear, a symbol of birth and death, of deprivation and abundance for the people who go over it. It remains a mystery, but this book brings us closer to the enlightenment of darkness. ”- Illuminated Hub

# 5:

When women were birds: fifty-four variations of voice

Terry Tempest Williams

*** $ 2.99 ***

PLUS, buy the ebook and get it
the audiobook for only $ 7.49 !!!

“Terry Tempest Williams' writing is brilliant, meditative and full of surprises, wisdom and wonder. She is one of those writers who changes people's lives by encouraging attention and a slow, patient awakening. "
“Anne Lamott


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